Covo Day

I was gifted a free work day at Covo recently, which turned into me just hanging out with the staff a bit & playing with my camera/equipment.  


Tyler, The Creator

I'm about to age myself. The first time I saw Tyler perform live (2011), Odd Future was still a thing. Hell, The Sonar, hadn't turned into some generic night club yet; it was still a mecca for folks looking to rage on a Friday night. It was one of the best venues to catch a show. It's kinda wild, I remember when Syd came out and dropped a Waka Flocka track and the whole room exploded to the bass.

A Tyler show these days is so different from what I went to all those years ago. Tyler's super glow: the pure happiness that radiates out this guy while he performs now is amazing to witness.

Slimmy's Sweet Treats

One of the last times I visited Baltimore, I had the opportunity to collaborate with new small business, Slimmy's Sweet Treats. Though I styled & photographed, and haven't actually tasted any of the incredibly delicious looking treats, I did see her breakdown homemade snickerdoodles over a homemade cheesecake and I think that speaks to how much she cares about her work.

Beyond caring about the actual cakes, I was compelled to reach out to the owner, Jade, because I love the work she's doing. She brought her passion for community welfare as a social worker into the kitchen. Even as a new entrepreneur, she's used her platform to raise awareness and provided food for populations experiencing homelessness in Baltimore.