Daisy Awasum
Daisy Awasum

Whether I’ve planned out a meal or I’m scrambling to put something together for a quick bite, there’s a few ingredients I love having at home, essentially they’re my must-haves! They make it so easy to bring out the flavor and comfort of any dish.

Butter (no shame in my full fat game)

In a lot of recipes, especially when I bake, I’ll try to substitute coconut oil or evoo for butter, but nothing compares to the taste! It’s great for sauteéing small amounts of onions or veggies and I can’t not cook my eggs in it.

Garlic cloves/ powder

Fresh & powdered garlic just adds a certain depth and body to dishes. Try not to go overboard though, you could render your entire dish inedible. There’s a difference between a recipe calling for a clove and a bulb of garlic.

Jamaican curry

The term gets thrown around a lot but, in case you don’t know, curry isn’t actually an herb. Rather, it’s a combination of dried spices. Turmeric, coriander, cumin, etc are some of the flavors typically found in bottled curry powder.  

Heavy whipping cream

One of my go-to for thickening a sauce or a quick whipped topping!

Eggs (I really love these guys!)

My method of measuring how many eggs to cook for a group over 2 people is 2x-1. X being the number of people eating. I’m not sure why after 3 people I subtract 1, but it brings a sort of mental peace, so roll with it.


These don’t get the best rep since they’re packed full of starch, but no one can deny taste when done properly! They’re so versatile too. Mashed, baked, fried, etc. Not only can you cook them in a number of ways, but the entire tuber family (genus, actually) is super diverse. Add sweet potatoes, purple yams, yellow yams, and cassava to your repertoire to spice up your side dishes.